Little Brother is Becoming a Man

Little brother is becoming a man

With the wisdom and wit of an aged tree

A southern gentleman sweet as iced tea

I wish I could be more like you

Thoughtful yet care free, full of ambition too

And I hope he knows I’m his biggest fan

I love to watch him chase his dreams while listening to God’s plan

He is a light in this world, a light people crave to see

Because he helps people to smile and believe in the power of being set free

You are already incredible, yet only eighteen

Little brother is becoming a man, and I’m so glad God gave the best brother to me.

Happy Birthday Ben 🙂 I love you.



Jesus, is it your face that we see in the moon?
when our cities become dark
Like the inside of a cocoon
Are you watching the ones who gaze at the sky
With wondering hearts and yearning eyes
I am one of those who studies the earth
I search for your face and wait for the signs
We hold our breath and realize
That the beauty that surrounds us is a mere echo of the intangible glory that awaits us in our eternal home
I close my eyes and count to seven,
When I open them again I see the foreshadows of heaven
I see your face within the clouds and hear your laughter in the rain
and only in your presence can I escape the pain
I smell you in the summer air and
When I really look, you are absolutely everywhere
I’ve talked to the trees and heard the stories of old
Of how you came to save us and take us all home
So in this time of waiting, you make me still

Do you watch me while I look for you?
Do you gaze into my eyes as I decipher the sky?


Like a screaming mountain
Your love is loud
And I can hear it, even feel it when you’re not here
I can see it dripping from your eyes
Love that is alive
Burning with protection and security
And faithfulness
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
And with collapsing sanity
The fallen surround us
We fight with bruised hands, bleeding fingers
Throwing fists at our demons
While holding each other all the while
My love I want all of you
I want the ugly, the dirty, the shattered pieces
All of it is treasure to me
You love all of me, and I love all of you
I do, I do, I do
I sense the throbbing of desire in my heart
And the breath of peace spills upon my face
Like a rain drop that is suddenly set apart
Because it has begun an everlasting race
One drop began a down pour, one word started it all
A beautiful story as sweet as summer rain
Hiding from the thunder, but laughing at the lightning
Showering with intensity, and now we’re dripping in love


March 31, 2016 will never happen again


Woke up to the smell of lilies and a sweet man with sleep still in his eyes

Manna for the moments before the sun even began to rise

The smell of rain fills me up with melancholic hope

Because I know the down pour will quench the thirst of flowers that need to grow

Holy ground beneath my feet cradling my body every step of the way

Hearing every glory around me murmuring to “live for today” 

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may not come

Cherish every beat of your heart below the golden sun

Falling asleep to the smell of lilies and the sound of my lover sinking into sleep

As the moon begins to sink and its milky light fades away, I taste every memory and every blessing from God, and I thank Him for today.