Like a screaming mountain
Your love is loud
And I can hear it, even feel it when you’re not here
I can see it dripping from your eyes
Love that is alive
Burning with protection and security
And faithfulness
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
And with collapsing sanity
The fallen surround us
We fight with bruised hands, bleeding fingers
Throwing fists at our demons
While holding each other all the while
My love I want all of you
I want the ugly, the dirty, the shattered pieces
All of it is treasure to me
You love all of me, and I love all of you
I do, I do, I do
I sense the throbbing of desire in my heart
And the breath of peace spills upon my face
Like a rain drop that is suddenly set apart
Because it has begun an everlasting race
One drop began a down pour, one word started it all
A beautiful story as sweet as summer rain
Hiding from the thunder, but laughing at the lightning
Showering with intensity, and now we’re dripping in love

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