Jesus, is it your face that we see in the moon?
when our cities become dark
Like the inside of a cocoon
Are you watching the ones who gaze at the sky
With wondering hearts and yearning eyes
I am one of those who studies the earth
I search for your face and wait for the signs
We hold our breath and realize
That the beauty that surrounds us is a mere echo of the intangible glory that awaits us in our eternal home
I close my eyes and count to seven,
When I open them again I see the foreshadows of heaven
I see your face within the clouds and hear your laughter in the rain
and only in your presence can I escape the pain
I smell you in the summer air and
When I really look, you are absolutely everywhere
I’ve talked to the trees and heard the stories of old
Of how you came to save us and take us all home
So in this time of waiting, you make me still

Do you watch me while I look for you?
Do you gaze into my eyes as I decipher the sky?

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