Dear Devil,

I wish you would leave all of us alone. I recognize your voice now and can’t believe how many times I listened to the lies you were trying to tell me when I was weak. I’ve felt the damage you tried to cram in my brain about never being good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, pretty enough. You’ve gotten in my head and drove me insane, drove me into depression. I’ve seen you do the same things to the people I love around me. You are like a snake of smoke filling every corner with your darkness. You make people comfortable in the darkness and think that’s where they belong and then they begin to see the world through different eyes than the ones God gave them. I notice, Devil. I’ve seen you working in the minds of the girls in my small group who compare themselves to the other girls in the room and who try to close their ears to the rumors about them. I’ve seen you creeping into my friends who have tired eyes because they work themselves up about worrying about every possible thing that could go wrong in their lives. I’ve seen you in the girls who think their worth as a human belongs to how men view them and forget who they are. I’ve watched my husband grow tired over fighting you day after day with sad eyes wondering when will his struggle end. You are sick, disgusting, weak, stupid, malicious and just plain mean. I’m not blind to what your trying to do. I think it’s almost funny that your fighting a fight you’re never going to win. Because I know Who wins. His name is Jesus and he only speaks the truth and crushes you under his foot. Jesus brings justice and righteousness and fights like a true man. I know the sound of His voice and it rings with peace and joy. He gives purpose to my life and reminds me who I am. He takes away pain and fear and brings light to the darkness. He is hope and love. I know you tremble and cringe at the sound of His name because you know His power. He defeated death and rose from the grave so that we can have the chance to share in His victory over sin and death. He has already won the war when He died on that cross and came back to life. He wins, and I’m on the winning team along with many others and I plan on bringing more people on to the side of the war that has conquered over you. This war will only bring more and more glory to God every time people experience His goodness and you have been losing this war ever since it started in the garden. Jesus wins and I win with Him every time.


Sarah (Daughter of the God of the universe)

P.S. You suck.