Traffic in the Moonlight

God’s moon-white fingertip hung in the morning sky

Forever pointing just ahead and to the right

The tip of His nail pulls the ocean and illuminates light

As we breathe deep with tired eyes, still recovering from the night

Is He trying to point something out to me?

As the moon-finger points to my church, but then to a cemetery

I keep moving forward and so does the moon

I feel small but safe in my half-awake boon

Cars fly past me, coffee hot and strong

Break lights blind me as I enter the throng

Traffic on the road and traffic in my mind

Blocking me from seeing the end in sight

I pray to become the ocean so that the Moon-Man can pull me close

Take me to where I need to be, make me soft again like an old rose

Behind these clouds spreads blue and the only way out is through

And even when the final destination is unknown, anywhere with Jesus is my home

So, I will surrender and follow the Man who breathes and gives light

His finger forever pointing just ahead and to the right




Yeah I know, Easter is still a handful of months away. And the resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most defining moments we have to ponder on as Christians. Easter is awesome and one of my favorite holidays. But right now I’m talking about our resurrection. When we decide to follow Jesus and devote our life to Him-we have to give up our lives.

“Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” -Matthew 10:39

It’s easier said than done to let go of people, habits, sins and even passions in order to live our lives for God. It’s a million little deaths we have to die to get closer to Christ so that we can experience Him fully. Are you afraid to die those little deaths? I’m afraid. We all are. The idea of dying to live for someone else is weird and crazy sounding. But we forget the critical and beautiful ending. When we die to the things keeping us from Christ-we rise. WE RISE! We are resurrected, restored, revived. The Living Water gives life to our dead bones and broken hearts. People are afraid to let go of their sin because they are afraid they won’t be able to live the life they want.  We have this idea in our heads that letting go of our life in sin will lead to a life of rules, boredom and judgement. We think living for Jesus won’t be “as fun”. But here is the truth. You’re either living for yourself or for Jesus. Living for yourself does not lead to the rising. I’ve tried it. Living for myself has never brought me full satisfaction like the satisfaction Jesus graces us with. I think we all know deep down that living in sin won’t get us anywhere. Temporary and fleeting things fill our lives because we are terrified of dying to the life that gives us what we want when we want it. But I promise you, when you fall on your knees before Jesus. And fall in love with Him. And let go. You. Will. Rise. You will become the person you never thought you could be because Jesus is a miracle worker. He wants you and adores you-flaws and all. Because we have to have brokenness in order to have true and extraordinary freedom. Choosing Jesus leads to a freedom that is unconditional and endless. Don’t you want it? I want it too. I want to rise. The Kingdom is at hand and there is no time to waste. Don’t be afraid-be free. Letting go and leaving behind your life in sin does not mean you will lose yourself-it means you will become the person you were created to be.

The Rope

We have been made blind by the logs in our eyes

Pride and other gods swelled so wide

Too big to go through the gate that is narrow

And some don’t know he cares for us more than the sparrows

Breathing Salt and Light with hearts washed snow white

But some obey moth and rust

The love letter in the corner collecting dust

White pearls are thrown to pigs and girls forget their names

Ethereal trees that once handed out figs now cripple dry, the commandments becoming their bane

The beauty in the mirror more important than the beauty of the heart

But God adores the organ beneath your ribs like a piece of fine art

He studies it as if it were a painting hung on a wall

Even with the ugliness and imperfection He is enamoured with it all

Some strokes pure and bright, others crude and dark

Memories flooding in of that night when you turned your back and the earth left it’s mark

Tears welled in His eyes and He feels nothing but love for your heart

Wanting nothing but to hold the hidden and shameful parts

He’s been knocking on your door for the past two years

But the thrill of sin is music to your ears

All you want is love and all you need is hope

Beloved, God is the author of love and He is handing you the rope