Plant the Seed

It’s finally seed planting time! I told myself this is the year I will experiment and see if I got the same green thumb as my Mama. I was inspired by my $1 grow kit from Target when green actually started coming out of the mini pot on my window sill. I thought to myself “I can do this, I can grow something from seed!” What a powerful thought to suddenly realize you can nourish something from a small seed into a beautiful flower.

My favorite flower has always been sunflowers. I bought two kinds of sunflower seeds; Evening Sun and Mammoth. I planted a handful of Evening Sun sunflowers in the front yard and on the side of the house I planted the Mammoth sunflowers along with Poppys, Zinnias, Larkspur, Bachelor Buttons, and a Wildflower mix. I had so many extra Mammoth sunflower seeds so I decided to push one single seed in with the Evening Sun sunflower seeds. I was so excited about this secret little seed because I didn’t tell Sam I planted it there and I couldn’t wait to see his face when this twelve foot flower shoots up above the other six foot flowers in the front yard. I was giddy about this little seed and started wondering where else I could plant a secret seed to surprise Sam with. As I was walking around our house with a handful of seeds I started to realize how similar Christianity is to planting seeds. I should be excitedly searching for wandering hearts to plant the seed of the gospel in the same way I look for spots of light around the house for sunflower seeds. What pure and simple beauty we would see if as Christians we were urgently seeking out broken hearts with just a big enough crack in it for us to plant a seed.

Last year I did a lame attempt at planting some Zinnia seeds by sprinkling them over some dry soil and watering them once. Once. I had forgotten about those poor seeds. And there are hearts that I’ve forgotten about too. The girl I sat down and prayed with about her family problems, haven’t talked to her since. The guy that said I was the first Christian he met that actually made him curious about God and church, I haven’t reached out to him in years. I failed. I planted a seed and forgot to water them. Maybe I got lucky and someone stepped in to be the rain for those people but I can’t bet on that. We can’t leave those Jesus seeds and hope that someone will come along and be the rain because droughts happen here in the south way too often.

God even gives us directions on how to spread the gospel on the back of these seed packets. Sometimes you have to ask the hard questions and give the hard truth and push that seed an inch deep into their heart. Other times the gospel just needs to be planted a quarter inch deep for those people who know God but don’t know their sin. And my favorite-the broadcasting of seeds! Sprinkling them into hearts so lightly but sure to spark a light. Whether it’s praying with someone, commenting on God’s art, or even sharing your new favorite worship song with someone-broadcasting seeds are the most simple and fun way to see the Spirit move.

Stick some seeds in your pocket, write those words on your heart, and start the search. Where can you plant the seed? Nourish that seed. Be the rain, be the light, and give them the word of life that feeds the hungriest of souls.

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