Portland, Maine

Jennifer and Cole have almost lived in Maine for an entire year. They felt called to move there to help plant a church with some close friends from their first home in Gainesville, Georgia. When my family first found out that Jennifer and Cole could possibly be moving to Maine we all secretly hoped that it wouldn’t happen. Obviously we didn’t want to be so far away from them and planting a church is a huge thing to accomplish. But before we knew it January 2016 they were packing their bags and buying warm coats and snow tires to start their new life in the North.

Jennifer and I get to talk on the phone pretty much everyday on our way home from work. She tells me about her worries and how she misses home but always finishes by saying that she knows her living in Maine is part of God’s will. Over time God has changed my heart from being mad and upset that my sister is so far away to having a heart that admires her bravery and commitment to God. No matter how long she lives in Maine I hope she knows that millions of people crave to be brave and devoted like her and the group of people up there planting that church. Mama, Christi and I got to visit for a weekend and attend the very first church service and it was amazing. Centerpoint Church in Portland, Maine will grow into a thriving heartbeat for God’s people and the Holy Spirit was moving throughout the first service. God is good and I was reminded that His will is being completed all over the world-even up in Portland, Maine.